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The catalyst to making you buy new furniture for the home is very varied. We isolate 11 catalysts that will cause you to want to get that much needed new velvet sofa, chair, table, bed or footrest. 

Furniture is not just needed for chilling; we may have a new baby who needs a cot; we may have extended a house so we require
a bigger table and more dining chairs; have you converted the garage into a
cinema room, then you might want a velvet sofa, a TV stand, a coffee table,
even a drinks cabinet! 

You may simply want to upgrade or change the style of your house design and this could mean a major change in your furniture

If Your Home Has Been Remodelled – Do You Need That Velvet Sofa?

An overhaul of the style of a house often causes the existing furniture to be out
of kilter or look odd. In fact if you have relocated from a cold climate to a
warm area, your old furniture may be completely impractical. 

For example, the size of the couch required could change; you may also want to
change from a wool tartan fabric to a velvet sofa! There may be a requirement
for a statement chair in a sexy designer fabric or your old occasional table
may not be needed. 

Marriage & Moving Into A New Abode

For instance, you both live in separate flats and you have bought a 4 bedroom house. You are likely to need more beds, double or single, new occasional furniture, bedside cabinets, wardrobes and perhaps bedroom chairs. How large is the new kitchen, do you need a larger dining table with extra chairs? For the snug perhaps a velvet sofa, a chaise sofa or a corner sofa set. 

It is likely that you will want more storage space like cushion boxes, sideboards and
bookcases. Although modern homes tend now to have convenient built in cupboards
which utilise the space on offer. 

Divorce Affects Furniture Use – Will You Get The Velvet Sofa

After a while, you may unfortunately get divorced and priorities and tastes may change. In the settlement, one partner
may get all the furniture in the living room! The other partner then may want a
new velvet sofa, a different style of occasional table and a new television stand. 

A Brand New Baby Has Arrived!

Your new son or daughter (or both if you have twins perhaps) obviously require
different furniture than adults, so be prepared to purchase different storage furniture,
a cot, changing facilities, baby and toddler safe furniture, a play pen, a
comfy bedroom snuggler chair or even a small book shelf. 

When they begin to grow, you will need a larger bed and perhaps a desk with a
computer chair, so that they do their homework! 

Children Will Leave The Nest

When the sad day comes and your children leave for university or buy their first
flat, bedrooms become vacant. 

This is an opportunity! The vacated room could be transformed into a room for visitors,
a library, a room for hobbies, or even an office could be created. These
different room uses will need new furniture. 

Your Parents Are Getting Old

The years have marched on, the kids have flown the nest and unfortunately your mothers and fathers have grown old. They
need to move in and be looked after. You may have to get: 

  • bath stool
  • chair lift
  • cupboards with oversized handles
  • panic equipment
  • beds that adjust
  • furniture that electronically reclines

Your Own Comfort As You Age – Time To Change The Velvet Sofa?

Your individual needs may change; perhaps you
want a less deep seated velvet sofa because you knees are not what they were,
or you could get a memory foam bed for you lumbago! 

Change Of TV or Hi Fi

  • upgrade of television cabinet
  • chair for using the new Xbox or Playstation
  • different sized hi fi cupboard

Home Working

This is becoming ever more popular with over 20% of the UK professional work force now working
at home; obviously office furniture is required. 

  • office chairs
  • computer desks
  • meeting desks with chairs
  • occasional tables for printers
  • filing cabinets
  • bookshelves

Natural Disasters – Did Your Velvet Sofa Float Away?

If your home is flooded, it is highly likely that your furniture will be ruined. The
home insurance company will hopefully pay and you will then replace your prized
velvet sofa, the statement chair and all the other furniture in the downstairs
rooms. A house fire or earthquake could obviously also damage furniture. 

Wear & Tear

All furniture, especially soft furnishings like sofas, will inevitably wear out.
Children, dogs and cats, accidents, general wear and tear will all mean that
furniture will have to be replaced. Everything turns to dust eventually!