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Lambourne Chair In Harlequin Floreale Fabric

A sofa for the snug should out last many other types of possessions from the house car, the electric kettle and the childrens’ snazzy haircuts.

Up to 10 years should be the life of a family sofa before a new couch or chair needs replacing. In fact, new trends in furniture design and/or fabric colour or texture change approximately every generation – in other words about every 10 years! A revealing survey in Home & Garden Magazine recently confirmed that more than 50% of us trade in our sofa or signature chair once a decade.

You could be one of those 10 year changers, so here are some guidelines to follow when selecting your new corner or modular sofa.

It is paramount that considered attention is paid to the quality of each part of the furniture, this includes the manufacturers guarantee.

Study The Warranty

Before purchasing your sofa, you must study the warranty and terms. What is the length of the cover, what is actually guaranteed, are the moving parts covered for a shorter period. The Kensington Sofa Company guarantees the furniture frame for a period of 10 years and everything else is warranted for 2 years. The decade frame warranty is possible because the hardwood structure is very well made.

The sofa or chair should not just be sexy on the outside. Have a look at the guts of the furniture you are considering.  What is the foam grade, is it high density so it will not be flat after a couple of months.

Be sure that the foam is not to hard though; you want the foam to give a bit so that the furniture is comfortable – it is a balance.

Is the frame made with hardwood, is the joinery correct?

How Is The Quality On The Outside

If you want your sofa to look and feel great over the years make sure that any skirts are well cut and fitted to hang properly.

Make sure there are no ruffles or ripples on the surface material.

Is the body and back of the piece covered with the same quality fabric as the cushions?

The fabric covered cord that is sewn on the joins should be pucker free and straight, this is known as welting.

Pattern Matching – the design of patterned material should match and flow correctly, especially with checks or stripes.

Choose a Signature Piece

We have some gorgeous signature patterns which will draw the eye in any room, take a look at our Japanese Garden and Harlequin Floreale designs. Go on, make a statement!

Before Your Commit, Visit Our Stores

Some furniture designs can look great but are uncomfortable to sit in, try the furniture first. At the end of the day you are not buying an ornament!

Don’t just sit in a formal position; your evaluation should also include slouching and lying down because that is what you will do in front of the telly!